Yoga and your health

Carolyn is a certified kundalini yoga teacher. And often uses yoga as part of her practice as an integrative registered dietitian. Kundalini Yoga is a potent and effective system of self-transformation and personal development that can strenghten our immune, nervous, and glandular systems. What will it do for you? It helps open the mind as it opens you body to greater flexibility and fitness.

Feeding the mind, the body and the soul.

Weight loss, fitness, eating right. They’re all skills. Some people have these skills naturally. Others have to work at it. Others need help. And that’s where I come in. An integrative registered dietitian can be your ally on your quest to not only become healthy but to stay that way. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthy and embracing exercise are all life skills that can be learned. Let me join you on your journey to true, life-long wellness.

Passionate about nutrition and health? Diettalk will help and inspire you to take action by making positive lifestyle changes and start transforming your health today.